After Effects plugin

The PopcornFX plugin for After Effects is now in public early access: if you are interested download links are available after registration at :
It is developed for After Effects 2020 and entered early public test on November 2020.
Note: please keep in mind this plugin is a work in progress and a lot of improvements can be made, if you have any feedbacks or bug reports please contact us!


This section will cover how to install and use the After Effects plugin for PopcornFX v2.

Plugin versions

For each PopcornFX SDK/Editor release, there is a matching After Effects plugin:
When updating your PopcornFX Editor, make sure to also update the After Effects plugin to match that editor version.

After Effects versions

When a new After Effects version comes out, we provide a plugin update.
The latest plugin currently supports: After Effects 2020.

Plugin Scope

This plugin allows importing PopcornFX effects into After Effects, lets you animate effect attributes within After Effects timeline and render them in After Effects viewport However, it does not provide a way to author PopcornFX effects directly inside After Effects. To do this, you have to use the PopcornFX v2 Editor.