Bugs / questions

There is no official bug report system in place for PopcornFX, the correct places to report issues right now are:

We plan to create an improved version of the existing answerhub in 2021 to ease the process of reporting issues for the community.

PopcornFX Editor crashes

When a crash occurs in PopcornFX Editor, a window appears and ask if the crash report should be sent to PopcornFX servers. Those crash reports upload minimum data:

  • A minidump, captured using Google crashpad (program thread stacks & registers, no heap)

  • Editor version string (ie. "v2.8.2.5003")

  • OS name (ie. "Windows")

  • IP address the crash originated from

  • Data of the crash window forms (custom comment & optional email address), by default these are empty

Sending crash reports is optional, but tremendously helps us to fix crashes we didn’t catch during testing releases.
Note: crash reports are only available when using PopcornFX Editor.